A brief history and mission statement of your event booking platform.

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Best Features


Signing Up

Create an account or log in to have your information stored safely and securely within the app.

View Events and Restaurants

Browse through upcoming parties and events going on at clubs in your area.


Get notified when someone books a table from your restaurant or book an Event.


Mark any restaurant as Favorite and have an easy access to it in the future.


Book a table or event package right from the app to guarantee a spot for you and your friends.


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Business Side

Register your restaurant to access a global reservation network. Let the users know about your restaurant and make smooth online reservations. Create your Event, add it to the application and let the reservations come online.

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User Side

Get to know about the Events and Restaurants in your area. Click through to an Event that catches your attention. Look through the menus for events to order ahead and make your night go smoother from the start.

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App Features Gallery

Download Now! NightLife-E

NightLife-E is a nightclub promoter at your fingertips. Businesses can add events, while customers can book a table and plan their night right from within the app.

How we can Help you!

Get nearby Events or Restaurants and make easy reservations.